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  • Remembering my beloved child, Austin, who passed away at the early age of 14. He lived more in those 14 short years than most and is an inspiration to us all.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

14th Birthday

It is so hard to write about this birthday, because it was our last one with him. And, thinking back, it was really quite a simple party.

Austin didn't want a big party that year because we were leaving for Florida a few days after. He wanted the money we normally spent on the party and presents for the trip. In fact, that is all he asked for from family. One of the few photos I have of that day, is of him with a big, full smile, holding a handful of cash.
I did manage to sneak in a few surprises that day. He was shocked to have presents to open, because as his mom I just couldn't not get him something. I'd purchased him some cool new shirts and hats to wear while on our trip. I remember that Tim had put the tent up that week so the boys could camp out and play. We had also built a fire pit and that evening all the kids enjoyed making s'mores and roasting hot dogs. I also bought him one of his favorite cakes - strawberry cheesecake blizzard cake from Dairy Queen.

It was just a small, intimate party with close family. Knowing what I do now, part of me wishes it had been a huge celebration; however, in looking back at his past birthdays, I think it was just as he would have wanted. He was excited about going to Florida, so close to his birthday, and for all the plans we had for the trip. It was a wonderful vacation and will always hold special memories, mostly because it was our last.

There isn't much else to recap his 14th year, as much as I've written the past few months. Sadly, he didn't get to enjoy many months of being 14, as he passed away just four months later.

I had so many wishes for him, as he blew those candles out last year. I always wished for health and happiness for my boy's when they did so. He was just beginning a new chapter in his life, starting high school the next month. Austin was full of dreams and plans, ready to soak up all that life had to offer. I'm so sorry that he didn't get the chance to do more but I also know he couldn't be in a better place. He will always be young, he will always be healthy and happy and enjoying life - just in a different world.

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