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  • Remembering my beloved child, Austin, who passed away at the early age of 14. He lived more in those 14 short years than most and is an inspiration to us all.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This We Do In Memory of You

Since losing Austin, we've started the tradition of "Random Acts of Kindness" on his angel-versary, November 29th.   Last year, I asked others to join in his memory. So many messages of support and sharing their acts came through via email and on his Facebook group, Remembering Austin. It was a wonderful way to remember such a beautiful soul.

Austin's legacy will always be his warm smile, loving hugs, and helping hands. That's what Austin was all about. I have so many cards and letters from those who knew and loved him, sharing small and simple, but powerful, moments they remember and treasure him for.  Because November 29th is such a tragic reminder for us, it is how we've chosen to get through it. Helping strangers has lifted our broken spirits.

With each random act, it's as if Austin's spirit carries on and it blesses our family. Because of that, I've decided to dedicate this entire month to my precious boy and will be striving to perform random acts of kindness every single day. It's the only way I know to get through a seemingly impossible time. Each day, each thankful moment, every act of kindness, will be a tribute to Austin, the life he led, and the inspiration of hoping to be a fraction of who he was. I hope you'll join me...

Choose to pause and be thankful each day of November. Perform an act of kindness (every day), or just on November 29. Smile at a stranger. Buy someone a cup of coffee. Volunteer. Make a donation to the Austin's Legacy scholarship fund, or your favorite charity. Buy lunch for the person behind you in line. Visit a friend. Send a card to a soldier. Adopt a family for Christmas. Hug somebody. Pay it forward. Do it in memory of the legacy Austin left behind! 

Please share it with us - send us a message, an email, or post it on his Facebook page.  Follow the stories from this month on my other blog, Joyful Challenge.

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  1. Hi Heather,
    I am so very sorry about your loss of your sweet Austin. My heart aches with yours. We lost our precious,24 yr old son,Matthew,8 months ago and our hearts and lives have been shattered. Thank you for sharing ways to remember both of our sons on their birthdays and other special days. Matthew would have turned 25 on July 28 so we are fast approaching his first birthday without him being with us. I haven't gotten to the place where you are yet but know that in time,God will allow us the comfort,peace and grace of living without Matthew. May God continue to bless you and your family as you reach out to other grieving families with stories of hope and encouragement. Our hearts and prayers are with you.



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