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  • Remembering my beloved child, Austin, who passed away at the early age of 14. He lived more in those 14 short years than most and is an inspiration to us all.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Unexpected Blessings

Part of me wanted to shut down this weekend. Close myself off and ignore the events taking place. To be alone in my sadness.

I'm so grateful I didn't.

I've learned through this grief journey that some things are meant to be shared. Certainly there is a time to be alone. Tears need to have a place to fall in comfort. Solitude in grief, for me, has brought me closer to God. It is in those moments that I draw close to Him. But being with others, especially for milestone moments, brings much needed support too. And support is something that was given us to us tenfold this weekend.

Friday night would have been Austin's high school graduation. Until this week, we had no plans to attend. It just seemed to painful to face. And now, looking back at the night, I don't know how we would have survived it any other place. I'm not saying it wasn't difficult and didn't require extensive leaning on God and constant prayer, but the blessings received from the night - and the obvious presence of Austin - was worth every tear.

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