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  • Remembering my beloved child, Austin, who passed away at the early age of 14. He lived more in those 14 short years than most and is an inspiration to us all.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

3rd Christmas

1996...You thought every present under the tree was yours. You'd point to each of them saying, "Mine! Mine!"

We asked you what you wanted Santa to bring and you said, "Car Cars" - so he did! He left you four cars under the tree. You got 5-10 more from others. You love opening presents this year but every piece of paper and tape has to come off before you'll start on the next one!

Most memorable gift that year was a 911 set from Mamaw B & Papaw Carl. You wanted to be "just like Dad" and dressed up in it each day. You would pretend to doctor us and tell us what was hurting or broken.

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