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  • Remembering my beloved child, Austin, who passed away at the early age of 14. He lived more in those 14 short years than most and is an inspiration to us all.

Friday, November 20, 2009

precious years

More memories of Austin that warm my heart...

I remember Austin being so tired from school as a little boy, that he fell asleep at the table, in the middle of dinner. And I remember letting his head stay in the mashed potatoes long enough to take a photo.

I remember the first time Austin learned to ride a bike and how wobbly he started out. He practiced in our backyard because the grass provided better cushioning than gravel. And I can still see his big smile when he finally got the bike straightened out and peddled on his own.

I remember taking Austin to college campuses for "Super Saturdays" where he got to choose classes to attend because of his Gifted scores in school. He always chose the science-based classes and loved being in the big labs.

I remember Austin's love of rocks starting early and simple - with gravel. He would play in the driveway with his cars and wrestlers for hours. He would find a rock that looked cool or special and tuck it into his pocket. I was forever finding rocks in my washer.

I remember simple, sweet moments with Austin, in my bed or his, lying on our backs and reading a book. I began reading to him while he was still in my belly; in a rocking chair as he fell asleep in his baby bed, on the foot of his bed as a toddler, and then letting him read to me as grew older. In his teens, I remember sharing books. He would read books that were my favorite growing up and he would pass along a book that he found and knew I'd enjoy too.

I remember baking with Austin at the holidays, or anytime of the year. Even before he could reach the stove, he loved to cook. Whether it was cutting out cookies or mushing up meatloaf, he enjoyed being in the kitchen with me.

I remember watching Austin drive the lawnmower around the backyard for the first time. He wasn't mowing, just driving, but he loved it and I guess it made him feel big to be allowed.

I remember warm sunny days and fishing trips. This was really more a "boy's trip" but I came along for food support and to sneak photos when they weren't looking. I remember Austin's first trips to fish and how he'd rather spend the time throwing rocks in the water than his line.

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