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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Book Memories

I wrote so much in Austin's baby book that I ran out of space. His book is filled with stories from the front cover to the back on any blank spot I could find. It was a "birth through seven years book" so it spans half his life. Looking back, I wonder how I found the time to write so much. I did it, hoping to give a gift to him when he was grown, a memory of his childhood. Little did I realize the gift would be for me. I certainly treasure those stories now more than ever.

The past few weeks have been rough and I find myself needing sources of joy and laughter. Reading about Austin as a toddler and young boy brings me that joy and I hope it does the same for all you. I'll share below some of my favorite memories...

April 26, 1996 - You get cuter every day! Now you've started saying, "Yeah, Yeah" for yes and "Mine" for EVERYTHING! You're very independent. You don't like us to help you do anything. The other night the pillows for the couch were on the floor. You picked them up and situated them just so and crawled on to lie down. Unsatisfied, you went to your room, got your Barney blanket, came back to the couch and were asleep within 5 minutes!

May 26, 1997 - You're learning to bargain. When you want something you hold your thumb and first finger up about an inch apart to show "a little bit" - how can I resist?

Dec 22, 1997 - You are talking so good & have such cute sayings. You will say something and I'll ask you what. You say, "nevermind, I talkin' myself!" Whenever you're mad you say, "Okay - I whippa your butt. Turn around!" You say "I Wub You" all the time and use it to your advantage. Your made up word for something if you are mad or joking is "Bingaball"

March 24, 1998 - Yesterday we were in the car and Daddy was playing with you. All of the sudden you yelled out, "you're getting on my nervous!"

Dec 98 - The other day Daddy was doing something w/you where you needed to say please. He asked you for the magic word and you said, "Abrakadabra!"

March 99 - At supper, I asked if you liked what we eating. You looked at me like I was stupid and said, "I'm eating, aren't I?"

May 99 - You started playing Tball & Dad is the Asst Coach. The first time you made it to first base, you turned to me in the bleachers and said, "See Mom, told you I could do it!"

Sept 99 -The other day you went to catch a butterfly. You paused and said, "I better not, it might have cavities. I asked what that was and you said, "It's where you foam at the mouth & don't know what is going on"...You meant rabies - maybe you weren't yet ready for Ole' Yeller!

Nov 99 - The other day you were picking on your Dad. You sang, "Mommy & Daddy sitting in a tree, HIJKLMNOP"

I miss that sweet little guy, my little Blair Bear....and the wonderful young man he turned into. How he blessed our lives!

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