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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2nd Birthday

For Austin's second birthday party, we decided to host it at our house. We only invited family and our tiny two-bedroom home was quickly filled. Better to have a crowded space with company though than a big empty house.

During this time, Austin was obsessed with Barney. He watched him daily, his room was decorated in the purple dinosaur, and we never went anywhere without the stuffed animal by his side. When the Barney song would come on, Austin would make rounds to whomever was at the house at the time and hug them, telling them he loved them too.

While he was napping that day, I decorated the rest of the house with Barney, as that was the theme for the party. When he woke up, he started screaming, "B! B! B!" all through the house. If we didn't buy him any presents, he would have been thrilled to just have Barney balloons and paper plates that year!

The kitchen table was designated as the kid spot and his cousins and Aunt Raven and Uncle Andrew (both still little at the time) joined him there. His cake, was of course, decorated with Barney too.

Some of his toys that year were Barney movies (obviously!), a tool set and bench, pool toys (being a summer baby), a medical kit (just like Dad), and a vacuum. That vacuum, from my Grandma Coons, ended up being one of his favorite toys. He loved to help me "clean the house" and vacuumed his room every night. That phase didn't last long though!

We bought him a plastic picnic table that got many years of use. It was initially meant for outdoors but that little table was often moved in for snack time, coloring, etc when he had friends over to play, or during the winter months.

His second year was a fun time. Austin was becoming more independent, smarter by the day, and brought us so much laughter. He was imaginative and would act out things he saw on tv or mimic Tim and me.

His speech was very cute at this age, but a frustration for him. He would say things like "I'm tick" (sick) and need some "doop" (soup). Or he'd come up with cute phrases like, "hey baby!" and use them throughout the day.

We got our first cat when Austin was two and he would chase the poor thing around the house, barking like a dog.

Austin also had just recently potty-trained before he turned two. My mom, living on a farm, allowed him to pee outside on trees, which excited him and helped him train faster. This was ok until our first trip to Holiday World that summer. At one point in the pool, Austin decided he needed pee and like the independent child he was, got out and relieved himself on the fake palm tree. And he didn't pay a bit of attention that it was in front of everyone there.

He was certainly "All Boy" and we loved every ounce!

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