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  • Remembering my beloved child, Austin, who passed away at the early age of 14. He lived more in those 14 short years than most and is an inspiration to us all.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

4th Birthday

Austin's 4th party was again held at our local Fire Department. (We outgrew our little house and yard a couple years back!)

The theme was Godzilla, apparently something he was into at that time. I remember this being a huge party, with lots of kids and family. We were excited the weeks leading up to it because of the gift we were giving him. It was hard to wait until his party to let him have it.

On that day, we parked the jeep we'd purchased outside and wrapped only his key. It was planned as the last gift we let him open. Austin was a little confused at first, as to why he only had a key, until we told him it was like Hide-N-Seek. We told him the key fit his big gift but he had to find it - and off he went! He searched the bathrooms, the bay of the station and then headed outside.

I still remember how happy he was, so excited to have a "big boy truck" and something he could drive. He immediately grabbed his friend Sara and buckled her in, then took off. We learned that earlier that day Sara told her mom she and Austin were getting married someday. I think Sara was Austin's first girlfriend. It was cute to see him riding around with her, careful that she was safe but having fun.

We ended the party with a firetruck ride and even his great-grandma Coons climbed on top. It was wonderful party and day, celebrating his 4th year.
4 was a funny year, as Austin was growing up so quickly and coming up with the cutest things to say. The famous phrase "you're getting on my nervous" was coined this year. We still use it to this day and Austin would always blush, remembering.

We tried to teach our children manners at a very young age. I remember getting compliments at restaurants and other activities on how well-behaved Austin was. One day, Tim and Austin were doing something and Austin had forgotten his manners. Tim asked him for the magic word and Austin said "Abracadabra!'

Austin was quick-witted and fast to come back with cute remarks too at this age. I asked him one night while we were having dinner if he liked it. He looked at me, like I was dumb, and said so frankly, "I'm eating it, aren't I?" As if he would have otherwise!

He was 4 1/2 when we learned we were having another baby. Austin asked me which kind I was going to pick.

He also started playing baseball at this age, which later became his favorite sport. At one of his first games, he hit the ball and made it to base. He turned to me in the bleachers and yelled, "See Mom, told you I could do it!" His team, the Cromwell Reds, won their tournament that year. Austin was last to bat and got the winning point.

Age 4 was the last of any baby phase, as he started kindergarten the next summer. It was a neat year, watching him grow before our eyes into a little man.

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