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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Best Austin

Father's Day is nearing and I'm praying daily that Tim will make it through it with little pain as possible. I know Mother's Day was one of the hardest for me yet. Father's Day also falls on our anniversary this year so I'm hoping it will be a needed distraction from hurtful memories.

In honor of Father's Day though, I wanted to post a story that Austin wrote for school. My boys were blessed to have a wonderful father. Tim poured his heart and soul into our kids and losing Austin has taken a piece of him that will never return. In reading Austin's story, I know how much he loved his Dad though and I'm thankful for the time they had together, however short.

- - - - - - -
My Dad and I are best friends. We do everything together. We love to hunt, fish, play baseball, and play horseshoes. When we do anything we try our best at it.

Last year, we went fishing on a bridge and we haven't been catching much fish when I saw my dad's bobber go straight down. The pole started to get this bit and the started to bend, so I ran to grab the pole and it started to bend. As I ran to get the pole my dad tried to get the pole too and we started to see some of the fish. Then the pole snapped in half. My dad's face was a mixture of anger because he just bought the pole that day, and amazement that it just broke.

Another thing we love to do is play and watch baseball. This year we went to a reds game on my birthday. Even though they lost it was still fun to watch. If we are not doing something, we love to play or watch baseball. If we play baseball we work on catching, hitting, and throwing.

We also love to play horseshoes. My dad is the one who has taught me. Even though I know how to play he still teaches me new tricks. He has taught me was a ringer, a leaner, and how to get a point.

Like I said before, my dad and I are best friends. Anything we do we always try our best and never give up.
- - - - - --
I pray Tim is filled with peace this Father's Day and that the memories that come to him are happy ones of the 14 years he spent with Austin.

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