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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Day with Mamma B

I found this story within papers that were sent home to us after we lost Austin. It must have been written for some assignment but I wanted to share it, mostly with my Mom, but for others to read too.

I know there are so many people hurting because of this loss. As a parent, you are consumed in your own pain and that of your other children. I haven't been able to be there for Austin's grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and so many more who hurt daily and miss him just as we do.

Austin was my Mom's first grandchild. Because of that, they formed a special bond. He loved spending time with her and I usually had to make him come home when spending the weekend or time with her during the summer. One of Austin's favorite activities were our family breakfasts at Mom's, complete with wasting the day away playing Rook and spending time together.

I can't say it any better than Austin's story on how much he loved her so I'll post it below.
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My mamma should be the "Grandparent of the year" because she is always there when I want to talk to her. Like the time I was nervous about a test. So she asked me what the test was about. I told her and she worked some of the problems out with me, so I would understand it better. She always talks to me and ask me questions about how my day went and if it was a bad day. Then she always tries to make it better by talking to me about it and showing me the good points.

She always spends time with me in a lot of different ways. Some ways she spends time with me are: riding the 4-wheeler together, going on picnics, she takes me swimming, we play board games and other games. She's the only family member I see who knows how to play chess, which is one of my favorite games. She also plays horseshoes with me, and because of that I've gotten really good at it.

Holidays are very special to my mamma. For example, Christmas and birthdays are her favorite. For Christmas, she always as a huge live tree. Mamma's whole family, kids and grandkids go to mamma's house. After we're done opening presents at our own home, Mamma fixes a Christmas breakfast of fried ham, homeade biscuits, gravy, fried potatoes and eggs. Then on our birthdays, we play games and open presents.

Mamma always tries to make our birthdays special because she says it is our special day. For both holidays we open presents, eat and spend time together.

Sometimes, it feels like she's lecturing me, but it helps me know she cares. She influences me my telling me not to smoke, drink alcohol or have anything to do with drugs. She explains how they could hurt me.

My mamma has taught me not to let mistakes I've made upset me too much. She says we learn from our mistakes. This is only a few reasons why I think she should win the "Grandparent of the Year."

by: Austin Blair, Southern Elementary

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