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Monday, June 29, 2009

7th Birthday

I'm going to rewrite below what was written in Austin's 7th birthday baby book entry:

I can't believe this will be your last birthday entry! You have grown so fast. You are such a special young man who amazes me every day with your wit, humor and care for others.

We had a backyard BBQ/pool party this year. You told us "thank you" when it was over and that we did a good job. You said several times that you had a good day.

You knew how much money you had, including ball money you had saved. You told us you knew what you wanted to get - a swing/canopy for the backyard. You said, "It's $77 dollars, on sale, and I would still have some left." You are so sweet!

I do remember how sweet Austin was at this age, always thinking of others. He had overheard Tim and I discussing wanting that swing. We were so touched he'd want to spend his birthday money on it. Of course, we didn't let him but it just showed the kind of kid he was.

That summer, we took the boys to Evansville for a day of fun. We visited Mesker Zoo, went to Chuck E Cheese and out for ice cream. At the end of the day, Austin said, "This has been the best day of my life!"

He also did great in Little League this year. Tim coached his team and Austin played 3rd base. He hit lots of home runs that season and paid attention so well, considering his age. He was elected to play in the "All Stars" but chose not to, as he was ready to enjoy what was left of his summer.

Austin was in 2nd grade at the age of 7. He continued to do well in school, making the PAW award and getting a "Good Behavior" award.

We moved our letter to Beaver Dam Baptist church when Austin was 7. He enjoyed their youth programs, was active in Wednesday night missions and Sunday School.

This was the year Austin first asked to join our Relay team. He helped at the car wash and asked door to door. He would say, "I am on the Relay For Life team to help people with cancer. Would you like to donate? If you don't want to give cash you can write a check to the American Cancer Society." We were very proud with how well he carried himself.

And my last entry in his book:
I can't believe you are 7 1/2! You grew so fast. You are quite a kid! Just now beginning to care about what you wear. You like to spike up the front of your hair with gel now.

I look at you and try to imagine the person you will become. You are funny, quick-witted, smart, full of life - ready for the next adventure. You love to play games, listen to music, read, ride your bike, play with friends.

You are pretty good with Noah. You watch over him but you don't always have a lot of patience.

I will miss writing about your milestones and recording how much you grow. I love you, Austin.

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